Engine Logbook 2x16 Cylinders Turbo (engl.)

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Engine Log Book

– New edition 2019 –

In order to meet the demands of contemporary shipping, the Engine Log Book‘s layout and functionality has been thoroughly revised. Changes have been made in the information contained in the front pages, as well as, in the daily pages: excerpts of legal sources, technical tables, and several pages have also been improved to ease the job of the engineers. The most important amendments to the informative part include:

  • Excerps of MARPOL and Polar Code
  • Special Areas and PSSAs
  • Technical tables
  • Conversion tables

The biggest changes are to be found in the daily pages:

  • Adjusted content of columns
  • Block for „End of passage“- Fuel Flowmeter reading
  • Block for Tier II/III-Switch-over
  • Change of the rooster for watch-related entries
  • DIN-A4-copy-templates for emergency/manual mode adjacent to page 92


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