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Electronic charts
HanseNautic delivers all common formats of electronic
and digital nautical charts from stock.
Pilot books and guides
Whether inland water ways, along the coast
or across the oceans...
NV Inland Charts
Inlcudes app navigation on your tablet and paper charts
which enables safe trips through Germany's inland waters.
Nautical charts
HanseNautic permanently holds a unique
and comprehensive range of nautical charts
and small craft charts.

EDB inland charts
The trilingual volumes of the "Éditions du Breil".



TimeZero Charts Europe update!

TimeZero Navigation Software

neue Karten für TimeZero

C-MAP coverages with new content

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C-Map spring update 2019

Update July 5th, 2019

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Simrad Cruise Chartplotter + free Navioncs+ chart

Get a free Navionics+ chart 45XG for Skagerak & Kattegat with each Simrad Cruise chart plotter in size 9!

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TimeZero Navigator V4.0 available

gif logo v4

Discover the new features and modules with our dedicated videos.
You can also download our brochure and list of new features.

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Across the North Sea to UK

the coastline of Great Britain is a challenging and rewarding sailing ground...

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