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Electronic Navigation

Electronic Navigation

Electronic navigation

Electronic nautical charts have become increasingly more commonplace on yachts over the past few years. Whether it is chartplotters, PCs, tablets or smartphones, charts of different qualities can be installed on these devices.

As one of the leading nautical chart merchants in Germany, we would strongly recommend the carriage of relevant paper charts on board.  This view is also held by all manufacturers of electronic nautical charts.  The primary reason for doing so is to prevent incidents whilst at sea.  Due to the small size of many electronic navigational chart monitors on yachts and other smaller vessels, it is possible that depth indications and warning symbols can be distorted or unreadable and therefore it is considered good practice to be able to refer to the standard nautical chart for checking.  In addition, the electrical supply to the vessel may fail, and therefore leave the electronic navigation monitors unusable.  We would strongly advise our customers not  to dismiss these potential life threatening possibilities and to carry a selection of paper charts for emergency purposes.

Today there are several types of electronic nautical charts to support the on-board electronics and route planning and monitoring.

Firstly, there are modules from C-MAP and NAVIONICS. These contain nautical chart representations for plotters that are installed permanently on the navigation table or in the protected cockpit and are connected to the GPS device.

The range of electronic nautical charts for PCs or laptops is much more complex. There are a whole number of systems on CD-ROMs.  Our experienced team are able to provide you with the necessary information to help you select the most beneficial device or chart system, for you.

Our catalogues and our home page contain the chart limits and more important information about modules and electronic nautical charts.