Tip - for all voyages through the Baltic. An updated overview on available leisure chart folios for all areas

Whether you sail to Finland, Estonia, stockholm or through the Göta-Kanal, we have put all the leisure chart folios in one overview.
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Hamnguiden - best marina guides for skandinavia

Very popular and in our opinion the best choice for trips in skandinavia. All Hamnguides (SWE) or Havenguides (NOR) contain large scale charts for the anchorages, marinas and natural berthes along the rocks. Additionally you will find commented aerial photographs for each place.
Harbour Guide 7 describes all anchorages and guest harbours/marinas from Söderköping – Skanör including the islands Bornholm, Öland and Gotland. Each harbour is presented on its own page in the Guide with a detailed chart, aerial photograph, descriptive text and fact box.

The charts include more details of depths than is usual on standard charts and chart plotters. We have also marked the best places to tie up, where the photograph was taken and where you will find the safest fairway.

Schöne Ostseelandschaften