HanseNautic is proud to anounce three new distributions of popular nautical guide books.

  • Skagerrak Forlag is publishing harbour guides for Scandinavia from Norway to Sweden and Denmark
  • Crusing Guide Publications is offering guides to the Caribbean Seas, which are tremendously popular for all blue water sailors
  • Waterway Guide Publications is producing indespensable cruising companions for the US East Coast, Great Lakes and the Missisippi. Must-have, if you want to cruise the Great Loop!

In the coming weeks, we will be stocking up, so feel free to place an order already now, so we can serve you best possible.

Skagerrak Forlag - Hamnguiden/Havneguiden Series for Scandinavia

Many sailors and visitors by boat to Scandinavia enjoy the small natural harbours for anchoring or making fast along the rocks of the archipelagos. The best support of these adventures comes from the Hamnguiden / Havneguiden series. These books cover all places in great detail with commented aerial photograhs and detailed plans and charts.
The text alongside give all necessary nautical information for safe approaches helpful advice on supplies and other resources. Using the Harbourguides is no problem even without knowledge of swedish or norwegian language.
The aerial photographs have small pictograms merged into and are easy to use.

Cruising Guide Publications for the Caribbean Islands

Cruising Guides, established already 1982, are reliably supplying nautical information to sailors in the caribbean. Experienced with local knowledge, like the legendary Chris Doyle, put their tips and tricks in these outstanding guides.
Detailed information on immigration and custom procedures, combined with contact details for each marina makes these guides a must-have in the Caribbean.

Waterway Guides for the Great Loop in the US and Bahamas

Updated annually, the Waterway Guides are the indispensable cruising companion for boaters exploring the US East Coast, Great Lakes and the Missisippi River System.
The guide features mile-by-mile navigation information for the great loop. It is enhanced with aerial photography, marked routes and expanded "Goin' Ashore" articles.