NV Charts Ostsee

News from our colleagues in the chart production department of nv charts in Eckernförde:

"New chart folios for 2019 are being printed and are about to be delivered to our customers"

Finally the time has come - spring is coming - and right on time for the season the first and new nautical chart folios are being published. In recent months, thousands of corrections and changes have been made to the North and Baltic Sea charts of NV. The two chart folios for Croatia have been revised and now contain even more details and plans.

The nautical chart folios for the Baltic Sea 1 - 6, the Danish west coast incl. Limfjord, as well as the popular Kartenkoffer and Croatian card sets HR 1 and HR 2 will be published on 25.02.2019.

The other new editions for the North Sea, Netherlands and England will follow in mid-March and can of course also be preordered now. For the 2019 season, there will be the nv charts App in a new design with even more features and tidy interface. The update for this is planned for March, more detailed information will follow. The update of the app we provide all customers with compatible devices free of charge.

Brand new this year are our first two sets for Greece GR 1 and GR 2. The following series for Greece GR 3 and GR 4 will follow for the 2020 season.

We wish all customers a great season 2019 and are always available for questions.