C-MAP Spring Update 2020

For the spring 2020 C-MAP has announced a major release of a new chart update. Currently the cartographers of C-MAP have completed their update work on the charts and we expect availability of the spring update latest by end of March 2020. As C-MAP charts will be programmed to the modules here at the HanseNautic headquarters, we do not expect any difficulties with delivery.

For all your chart modules with C-MAP MAX, C-MAP 4D, C-MAP MAX-N and C-MAP MAX-N+, which needs to be equipped with the latest cartography for the new season, HanseNautic is offering an easy update service. Please us our update form, which you can download on this page and send your plotterchips to us.



For additional information on C-MAP, update of electronic charts for plotters and the different technologies, pleas use this link

C-MAP Informationen


Of course you can also contact us by e-mail or via Telephone +49 (0)4351 469 995 0