The italian specialist for electronic cartography on chartplotters has improved the coverage for the Caribbean Sea and South America. Two new products are available: Navionics+ 4XG for Caribbean, Central America and Brazil and Navionics+ 5XG for Argentina, Uruguay and Chile incl. Patagonia.



Due to the ever increasing data and the limited size of chips or the limited compatibility of older plotters with very large mSD-cards respectively, the coverage of South America has been divided in two regions. This way Navionics can ensure that the Navionics+ Chart modules will be working without problems also in the future.

Previous coverage 3XG for South America and the Caribs

The previously existing coverage 3XG for the caribbean and complete south America has been withdrawn and can no longer be deliverd by the producers. The remaining stock at HanseNautic will be sold while stock lasts. This way to the onlineshop.

Of course the 12 months freshest data will be available to all customers ordering the charts now.

The two new chart modules are available for purchase from HanseNautic now

For voyages across the atlantic and into the caribbean we recommend the Navionics+ 4XG. This covers the complete caribbean sea, the larger and smaller Antilles, the US-Gulf, Florida, Bahamas and Bermuda. Additionally Central America incl the Pacific coast from Mexico to Peru. On the South American continent the countries of Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela and Columbia are covered.

Navionics+ 4XG

For voyages around the southen tip of South America (Cape Horn) it is recommended to use Navionics+ 5XG. This chart covers all coastline and waters of Chile and Argentina. Additional the Easter Islands and the Falklands, South Georgia and the Sandwich Islands in the South Atlantic are covered.

Navionics+ 5XG

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