Six new chart products for Norway available in popular nv charts atlas format


NV Charts, Europe's largest producer of marine charts for private boating enthusiasts, has published new chart atlases for Norway. The coastline from the Swedish boarder to Haugesund is divided in six coverages. All nv charts atlases NO1 to NO6 are designed as combinations of paper charts of the relevant coverage and electronic/digital charts for the use on mobile devices (iOS, Android, Win) together with the nv charts app and on PC/Laptop (Win 7,8,10) with the software chart navigator.

NO1: Norwegen Oslofjord NordNO2: Norwegen Oslofjord SørNO3: Norwegen Sørlandet Øst


When using the new atlases NO1 to NO6 all leisure mariners will be equipped with the relevant nautical details and information for the safe planning, navigation and executions of their trip including passages through narrow fairways and inside the archipelago. These nautical publications contain major changes on the navigation lights along the Oslofjorden as well as changed positions of underwater cables and -pipes as well as updates on the location of marine fishing cultures.
Based on up-to-date official hydrograhic data the nv.charts for Norway are produced with selected additional data and details from Norske Los as well as own surveys of the coastline, e.g. in the area of Jomfruland and Blindleia.


Each atlas is designed to enhance the users convenience and to ensure that navigators find the correct chart quickly. All coastal charts contain references to the details and plans to ensure the boaters best orientation. These atlas products offer best usability with general scale 1:40.000 for all coastal charts and optimized chart selections.