nv charts for Netherland inland waters

The NV Chart Group offers from 2020 on also charts for inland waters in the Netherlands. The popular holiday area is covered in two folios of leisure marine charts at a price of € 49,- each, which are produced in the proven format of an atlas. Of course, suitable digital content for electronic navigation is included. Together with the NL 1 - 5 series, the company offers a complete coverage of the Netherlands.

Two new chart folios for Nederland Noord and Nederland Zuid

nv charts for netherlands with countrywide coverage

NV.Atlas Inland NL6 Waterkaart Nederland Noord

This atlas covers the regions of Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe, Flevoland, North Gelderland and Overijssel and extends as far as the Rhine near Arnhem. In the west there is a seamless connection to the Ijsselmeer coverage of nv charts NV NL3 while in the north the charts NV NL2 "Waddenzee" and NV DE13 "Ems und Ostfriesland" connect. The Staande Mastroute to the Ijsselmeer is included.

NV.Atlas Inland NL7 Waterkaart Nederland Zuid

This new set of leisure marine charts includes the Dutch regions of Utrecht, Noord-Brabant, Parts of Zuid-Holland, Limburg, Gelderland South with the popular water sports areas of Biesbosch, Waal and Nederrijn. The coverage reaches as far as Maastricht in the south. This ensures a direct transition to the NV NL4 or NV NL5 folios.

Features for all nv charts Atlas products

  • Overview charts, river/canal charts and details as well as harbour plans in one product
  • well-designed chart connections to Germany, Belgium (and further to France) in order to simplify travel planning
  • entire region in one atlas, easy orientation between charts by references and fixed order of the pages in the atlas
  • digital nautical charts for navigation with PC, with app on mobile phone or tablet and with Apple PC (operating systems: Win 7/8/10, Android, MacOS and iOS)
  • digital charts as vector charts and raster charts for use with the nv charts app
  • “Easy-Paper-Routing” through highlighted main waterways
  • digital Auto-Routing
  • POI (Point of Interest) – harbours, bridges, locks e.g.
  • Community-Layer – Share. Comment. Connect.

The release date of NV.Atlas Binnen Nederland Noord is scheduled for March and the release date of the NV.Atlas Binnen Nederland Zuid for April 2020.

Waterkart for recreational mariners with small and large boats

The numerous waters, rivers and canals in the Netherlands attract holidaymakers every year for a boat trip on the water. Many leisure captains from Germany and neighbouring countries also travel to the Netherlands. The new charts NV.Atlas Binnen Nederland have been improved by local knowledge and experiences of our area experts and offer a comprehensive and detailed work for navigation in inland areas. "The Easy-Paper-Routing simplifies planning and navigation on inland waterways enormously", says nautical editor and district expert Carsten Schütt.

Together with the existing five sport boat chart folios NV NL1 to NV NV5 the new leisure marine charts cover the Netherlands completely. There is a seamless transition of the waterways between the individual atlases. Several covers can also be loaded simultaneously in the digital navigation with the nv charts App. A simple navigation for the users is thus ensured.

Clever atlas format and modern digital navigation

The NV Chart Group GmbH distributes nautical chart sets in the modern atlas format, which offers many advantages for our customers on boats and yachts. Water sports enthusiasts appreciate the compact format in a transparent plastic cover that protects against moisture. The binding as an atlas gives the charts a fixed order and makes it possible to orientate more quickly. The presentation is based on the IHO standards and is optimized for the leisure marine market.

Digital charts are provided in combination with the paper charts. Each atlas contains a code card which unlocks the digital cartography. The data is available for download at nvcharts.com. You can also download the free nv charts app here.

The auto-routing and the POIs of the locks and bridges enhance the user experience in the nv charts App, allow easy route planning and provide contact details for bridges and locks with telephone number and/or VHF.

Cartography of Europe's leading manufacturer of leisure marine charts

"We are delighted to offer our loyal Dutch customers two new NV.Atlas products, a complete solution with charts for coastal and inland waters," reports Espen Scheidt, who is responsible for cartography at NV Chart Group. "In 2015 we offered the first charts for Ijsselmeer, Waddenzee and the North Sea coast, later that year the Schelde, Grevelinger Meer and the southern part of the Dutch and Belgian coasts to the border with France followed. NV's products have been successful in the market from the very beginning and are gaining a larger market share every year". Espen Scheidt proudly tells: "Our customers appreciate the quality of the work and the professional presentation with paper charts and digital cartography for our publisher's own navigation app nv charts!