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New Additional Features

New Weather Routing


The new Weather Routing in TZ Navigator greatly simplifies route creation. Our algorithm now automatically avoids coastlines. To add to this, users can now display wind conditions along their route in order to be constantly aware of the weather situation every step of the way.

Lastly, thanks to Mixed Routing, TZ Navigator knows exactly when users need to use their motor when navigating with a sailboat. The route will change colors and allow navigators to maintain optimal navigation conditions.



Premium Weather Service


This new iteration of TZ Navigator comes with the option to subscribe to our Premium Weather Service.

Users benefit from specific weather forecasts in high definition. The Arpège model offers European coverage with a range of up to 10 kilometers and up to 4 days of forecast. The Arome model offers coverage of French coasts and bordering countries and has a range of up to 1 kilometer and up to 2 days of forecast. 3 wave models are also included.




New Main Features

TZ Cloud


Thanks to the new TZ Cloud feature, users will be able to store all of their navigation data in the cloud. This will allow them to access their data at all times and from anywhere while at the same time safeguarding them against the loss of data.

TZ Cloud will also allow for seamless synchronization between TIMEZERO platforms. Users will, for example, be able to create a route in TZ Navigator on their PC and have it appear on their TZ iBoat iPad app.



Weather Forecasts


Many improvements have been made to weather forecasting within TZ Navigator v4. The weather can now be displayed in the form of animated particles and, the display resolution has been doubled. The latest version now offers forecasts from the GFS model with a resolution of 0.25°.

The new Meteogram window allows for the detailed visualization of the weather along the route. One or more meteorological variables can be displayed depending on the position of the boat and the date.



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List of New Features

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GFS WIND (Couleur, Particules, Barbules)
AROME Temp (Couleur) + Vent (Particules)
Arome WIND (Couleur, Particules)