MapMedia RASTER chart & NOAA updates

MaxSea, the producers of MapMedia nautical charts, have updated five MapMedia RASTER charts for use with TimeZero navigation software. The NOAA charts have also been updated in this context.
The new version of these maps is now available in our online shop.


TZ Navigator PC software is required to use these charts

MapMedia Raster Charts


MegaWide Charts update

MWRMNA80MAP7.1 Canada View


Wide Charts update

WRMNA900MAP9.1 Great Lakes View
WRMNA902MAP9.1 Canada - East View
WRMNA913MAP9.1 Canada - West View
WRMNA920MAP9.1 Canada - North View


NOAA Raster Charts


MegaWide Charts update

MWVSUSAMAP13.1 NOAA Vector Charts & USACE Inland Charts View
MWRUSAMAP12.1  NOAA Raster Charts View