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Nautical charts

HanseNautic permanently holds a unique and comprehensive range of domestic and foreign nautical charts and small craft charts. HanseNautic is one of most qualified nautical charts merchants in the world,  with many ex-mariners being employed to correct charts and advise customers.

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Nautical charts corrections

Official nautical charts
The comprehensive official German and British nautical charts in our delivery programme are corrected  onsite and delivered to you with a valid record of revisions. Official charts from other hydrographic agencies can be corrected upon request, with charges being based on time taken.

The corrections are carried out by trained and thoroughly qualified specialists. German nautical charts are only corrected according to the "Nachrichten für Seefahrer" [Notices to Mariners] from the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency and British nautical charts according to the "Notices to Mariners" from the British Admiralty. When correcting other foreign nautical charts we only use the notices to mariners from the respective hydrographic agencies.

Small craft charts (packs)
Small craft charts or small craft chart packs are not corrected on an ongoing basis. They are usually published annually in Spring (Delius Klasing and NV packs for the Baltic Sea and North Sea as well as the small craft charts for the North Sea) or at longer time intervals.

We will advise you of the states of correction or publication dates when you enquire about the pack.  

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16 20 40 60 Articles per page