Aero-hydrodynamics and the Performance of Sailing Yachts

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The science behind sailing yachts and their design. This is a groundbreaking, technical analysis of yacht design, linked to the theory and testing of how a sailing yacht behaves underway. It is cutting edge - the author (a world expert in the field) has drawn his conclusions from years of research, analytical testing in wind tunnels and tanks, and his results represent the state of the art in performance prediction which underlies all modern yacht design. State of the art and with a revolutionary modern approach, Aero-hydrodynamics and the Performance of Sailing Yachts provides a systematic and completely up to date analysis, complete with colour photographs and diagrams throughout. An essential, and long awaited, work for all professional yacht designers, racing sailors and students of yacht design. 354 Seiten, mit vielen farbigen Abbildungen und Fotos, 2009 (1st edition).



“'...for students intending to make a career in yacht design and testing...'” –  Amateur Yacht Research Society (October 2009)

“'Based on research in wind tunnel and test tank - as well as with real life 12-Metres - it's profound and authoritative.'” –  Sailing Today (February 2010)

“' in-depth analysis...the cruising sailor will enjoy explanations of the science behind design, velocity, heeling effects, steering performance, stability and hull characteristics.'” –  Yachting Monthly (June 2010)

“'Fabio Fossati has compiled a book that will be of interest to yachting designers and enthusiasts for years to come.'” –  Nautical Magazine (May 2010)

“'very clearly written and well illustrated'” –  Ausmarine (November 2010)

“'dip into this design bible and its full colour pictures and diagrams will soon draw you in...clear and engaging'” –  Yachting World (April 2011)


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