Guatemala - A Cruiser's Guide to Rio Dulce

Editionsdatum: 15.03.2021

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Hersteller-Nr.: 9788898023936
Rio Dulce nestles at the heart of the northwest Caribbean and is much more than just a safe haven and explore waters that are as yet unspoilt by the nautical tourism industry, which has taken hold of much of the Caribbean. Armed with a spirit of adventure, you will find sailing these seas highly rewarding, as you can explore stunning locations, experience local cultures, and share your journey and adventures with fellow cruisers. This guide aims to reawaken cruisers' interest in this relatively unknown, yet enchanting part of the world. It combines nautical information with the personal experience of the authors, who sailed to Rio Dulce almost by chance, but were immediately bowled over by its beauty. 80 Seiten, 2014. Besorgungstitel, ca. 10 Tage.

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