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Karten für die Klein- und Sportschifffahrt (Official German small-craft charts)

German Bight & North Sea official coastal charts

The New official Charts in handy DIN A1 format are replacing official small craft folios from German HO (BSH).

The German HO (BSH) is in process of replacing the existing small craft folios with the new official coastal charts in A1 format. This process started in 2017 and as soon as a sea area is fully covered the new charts are replacing the existing folios. The new coastal charts are optimized for the navigators in these waters.

  • Coastal waters are displayed in detail and in large scales
  • all chart entries are in German language
  • "from-ping-to-chart" is minimized
  • All charts are corrected according to the circumstances and in time. Via HanseNautic they are availble to all our customers and mariners.

Official Coastal Charts are "print-on-demand"-products from the HO. The are produced upon customers order and delivery will take about one week time.

Please use our order form, for your convenience.

Overview and Coverages of A1 Coastal Charts

Übersichtskarte der A1 Karten für die Nordsee vom BSH


Baltic Sea

Use and appearance

Various folio sheets 42 x 60 cm, in transparent sleeve, double-sided printing. The chart folios are accompanied by a regional planning chart. Spread of sheets largely based on nautical considerations. The charts are multi-coloured, land yellow, drying areas green, shallow-water blue.

Clarity and contents

The chart design is adopted from the official German nautical charts and includes all of their data. Excerpts from medium-scale and larger-scales are included, as well as many large-scale plans of harbours, passages etc.

The depth contours are printed very exactly and in blue, shallow-water areas are shown in blue, the deep zones drawn vary according to the scale of the charts. A lot of depth entries are provided. Three-way colour for navigation in the dark.

The charts include references to marinas and information on navigation rules, bridge opening hours, traffic signals etc.

Karten für die Klein- und Sportschifffahrt (Official German small-craft charts)









A legend to symbols is enclosed.


The Baltic Sea and the Kiel Canal folios are published every two years, the North Sea folios are published annually. Correction notes can be downloaded at (PDF file).