Inland Waterways of Belgium

Edition: 1. Auflage 2005
Editionsdatum: 29.04.2021

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Produktnummer: 22726
Hersteller-Nr.: IB0060
Jacqueline Jones's new waterway-by-waterway guide provides all the essential information for navigation, as well as details about things to do and places to see in Belgium's historic cities. This work is based on research undertaken in 2003 and 2004 when Jacqueline with her husband, Arthur, cruised every waterway in Flanders and the French-speaking Wallonia. Fully illustrated with clear maps and the authors' photography, this full colour book is a must for anyone cruising Belgium or en route to the French or Dutch canals. It comes with a folded map of the Belgium Waterways system. 176 Seiten, durchgehend farbige Abbildungen, Großformat, 2005.

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