Reeds Nautical Almanac for 2021 now available!

At HanseNautic you can now equip your ship with the brandnew Reeds Nautical Almanac and its three little brothers for the North Sea, the English Channel and the Irish Sea.

This comprehensive sea pilot and sailing directions for the North Sea, the British Isles and the European Atlantic coast offers all necessary information in a compact Almanac, from passage planning and current harbour plans to current charts and tide tables.

Reeds & Adlard Coles logoThe publishers of the most complete sea pilot and harbour guide "Reeds Nautical Almanac" have delivered the 2020 editions and since today we are delivering to our customers!

New in the 2021 edition

The 2021 edition has been thoroughly updated and contains more than 45,000 changes and corrections. Important are the new schedules and frequencies of the marine weather reports on BBC4 and MeteoFrance. Among others, extensions are under construction and in operation in many ports. These range from the fifth Brunsbüttel sea lock for the Kiel Canal (to be completed in 2024) to Gribraltar, where extensive reclamation of new land west of Coaling Island has begun.

Further improvements and extensions to harbours and marinas include the new pontoon layouts in Nazare/Portugal, and Crouesty/South Brittany. LeGuilvinec/South Brittany, a lively fishing port, is now actively attracting visitors with an improved port entrance. Many projects reported in previous editions will hopefully be completed in spring 2021: Port expansion in Hanstholm/Denmark, new ferry port in Calais/France, extensive work in Port Haliguen/South Brittany.

Excerpt from the corrections of the 2020 edition

The new marina in Dover opened this spring. The port of Holyhead is under reconstruction after the destruction. There are extensions to the wind turbines at sea and additional tidal power stations in Falmouth, Strangfor Narrows and on the Orkney Islands. For the Reeds 2020 the passage planning from Ireland to the English Channel has been revised.

Why do I need a Reeds Nautical Almanac in the latest edition on board?

  • • Over 45,000 changes every year – not just tidal data, but weather broadcast information, telephone numbers, marina facilities all change more than realised.
  • • Tide tables for 2021 for the complete European West Coast from Skagen to Gibraltar including the British Isles. Tidal current chartlets also available.
  • • In the event of an accident or insurance claim, having the 2020 Almanac shows a skipper has access to essential and up to date passage planning information as required by regulations (MCA, IMO).
  • • The first eight chapters are invaluable aide-memoires in navigation, communications, safety and other reference subjects – used by the majority of sailing schools and instructors.

Here you will find the editions:

Reeds Nautical Almanac 2021Reeds Eastern Almanac 2021Reeds Channel Almanac 2021Reeds Western Almanac 2021