HanseNautic will continue its service as chart dealer and agent for nautical publications and official charts from hydrographic offices in the coming days, weeks, months.

Our business with the supply of nautical charts and publications is vital for the equipment of ships and their navigation teams to remain safe and compliant with SOLAS. This applies also to small craft. HanseNautic is operating as usual and shipments leave without delay and/or service disruptions.

Well prepared for the comming water sports season!

We have built up stock, updated on the online presenation, freshly printed charts are ready for delivery to customers and new products area available in our web presentation www.HanseNautic.de.

Print-on-Demand charts for additional speed and flexibility

As addition to our current business, we have invested in large plotters and are now able to offer a worldwide coverage of nautical charts, which are printed from the latest cartography data available. This print-on-demand-service (PoD) enables quick delivery, always up-to-date nautical charts and maximum flexibility, as all charts are available.

Currently we have agreements with the following hydrographic offices:

Publisher United Kingdom
Hydrographic Office
Hydrographic Service
National Geospatial
Intelligence Agency (USA)
Coverage worldwide coverage French coasts, Mediterraean,
french oversea departments,
Pacific islands
Canadian Coasts in
Arctic, Atlantic,
Pacific, Great Lakes
 USA; Atlantic,
Gulf and Pacific
US areas in Pacific and
various oversea charts


Remote Support - Telephone Advise - technical help for our customers

Should you occur issues with nautical charts, installation of navigation software or with the unlocking of digital products, our experts will help you along.

We have established a technical support team for the nv charts App and related products. Our colleagues are available Monday - Friday from 08:30hrs to 17:00hrs via +49 (0)4351 860 99 21 or you send us an e-mail.



A detailled explanation and instructions manual for the app is available for download here.



Furthermore there is the possibility to use the remote support software TeamViewer. This way we have access to your PC and can help solve problems with your computer, even when underway.

Download the software "TeamViewer" here:


Reliable shipping with DHL - express service on request possible with UPS

As usual we are delivering our parcels with DHL. Deutsche Post continues to work reliable and we have fast delivery times in Germany and all over Europe. The usual pick-up time in Eckernförde is 16:30hrs (local time), so if you can send us your order during the afternoon, we usually can send your charts the same evening.