Hamnguiden - Havneguiden
Norway, Sweden, Denmark

Probably the best Harbourguide now available at HanseNautic!

Many sailors and visitors by boat to Scandinavia enjoy the small natural harbours for anchoring or making fast along the rocks of the archipelagos. The best support of these adventures comes from the  Hamnguiden / Havneguiden series. These books cover all places in great detail with commented aerial photograhs and detailed plans and charts. The text alongside give all necessary nautical information for safe approaches helpful advice on supplies and other resources.

Using the Harbourguides is no problem even without knowledge of swedish or norwegian language. The aerial photographs have small pictograms merged into and are easy to use.

Additionally navigators can use the homepage and/or app of the publisher to translate all text into their preferred language.

New in 2018: Hamnguiden 7 (East Coast Sweden)
and Havneguiden 4 (Bergen to Kirkenes)

Hamnguiden 7: 376 Harbours and anchorages along the popular swedish east coast. Beautifully prepared with aerial photographs, which include pictograms and depth data - even the most demanding approaches to the most beautiful natural harbours are easy to navigate.

Havneguiden 4: 430 Harbours and anchorages of Norways spectacular coast with large fjords, many islands and demanding archipelagos. From Bergen northwards to Kirkenes including Lofote Islands. In order to approache small and narrow bays we recommend charts and aerial photographs of the Havneguiden 4.


In Scandinavia always on the safe side with
Havneguiden (NOR) and Hamnguiden (SWE)


Also for the Mediterranean Sea two Harbour Guides are available.

Harbour Guide Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro: Never before have there been a better presentation of the ports and anchorages in Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia. For each port is a detailed port plan, an aerial photograph and compact description of all navigational data necessary for the approach.

Harbour Guide Greece 1: Ionian Sea, Peleponnes, Gulf of Korinth, Athens, Saronic Gulf, Albania. Natural harbours and marinas described with chart plans and aerial photographs including text.

Upon request we can deliver both Harbour Guides also in German language.