nv charts published Series 3 for Kattegat, Sund and islands Samsø, Læsø, Anholt with new details to traffic seperation shemes (TSS).

From July 1st new traffic seperation shemes and relocated commercial shipping ways are in force in the Kattegat and off Skagen.

These developments are important for the small craft and leisure marine boaters as well, as TSS shall not be crossed, the respective inshore traffic zones are to be used and it is good seamannship to sail out of the commercial shipping lanes. 

The new 2020 editions of the nv charts atlas have these alterations already included and added comments in the charts. The digital charts update automatically.

Neue Verkehrstrennungsgebiete im Kattegat


List of changes, please click on the chartlet for details:

TSS Lilla Middelgrund - new 2020



 New traffic seperation sheme "TSS Lilla Middelgrund" south west of Varberg (SWE) which helps the traffic along the newly established shipping lane "S".

TSS Fladen neu im Kattegat 2020


new "TSS Fladen" between lighthouses Nidingen and Fladen which helps to guide commercial traffic away from the coast and along the newly established shipping lane  "S".

Vorsichtsgebiet Kummelbank


 newly established precautinary area "AT Kummel Bank",where the shipping lanes "S" and "T" meet. The route from Gothenburg to Læsø crosses here.

TSS Skagen neu im Kattegat und Skagerak


Two newly established traffic seperation shemes "TSS Skagen West" and "TSS Skagen East" with related precautionary area between and inshore traffice zone towards mainland.

 kein Bild Commercial shipping lane "S" new established which runs from the Sound and close to the Swedish coast through the two tss "Lilla Middelgrund" and "Fladen" up to the precautinary area "AT Kummel Bank"
 kein Bild relocated commercial shipping lane "T"
Position der Anholt Knob Mittenfahrwassertonne


new position of light buoy "Anholt Knob", which relocates the shipping lane "T" further away from the eastern tip of Anholt.


In the 2020 edition of the nv charts series 3 for the Kattegat, these changes and corresponding notes are already printed in text form. A correction of the edition in the middle of the season is not necessary. Please make sure that on board you always have the latest edition with you.

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