HanseNautic Tipp: Free download code for digital charts with nv charts app during September 2020

The best nautical charts for Kieler Woche or Silverrudder - digital & print


As part of Kieler Woche, all users of the NV Charts App will receive the NV.Charts Series 1 - Kiel Bay and Round Funen in September free of charge. In addition, all regatta courses of the Kieler Woche are included in the chart.

This offer ends September 30th, 2020.

Simply install the nv charts App and use the Code "kiwo-2020" in the menu under Charts -> Add charts.
Teh follwing link takes you to a pdf to printout the race chart for 2020 Kieler Woche.

Get the latest version of the nv charts App for your operating system:

Nautical Charts for the Baltic Sea

nv charts for the Baltic Sea - Teh practical sport boat charts are the leading products for the leisure boating customers. This Atlas for the sea area Round Fyn Island and Kiel Bight includes nautical charts in various scales as well as harbour plans and details for approaches and passages between the islands.

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