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Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment


Medical Equipment on board - What's so special?

First Aid on board is often the only aid available. This and typical distribution of medical problems, i.e.

  • ca. 60% painful limitations of fingers, hands, arms, legs and feet
  • ca. 30% small to large wounds
  • ca. 10% burns

demand special attention to the medical equipment on board. All sets from SeaDoc Hamburg are designed by professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in all related medical fields. This has been proven around the world.

Medical noobs can treat patients on board fairly well, provided they have the proper equipment. Kindly check the following criteria so you will choose the proper set for your needs depending on

  • your medical and first aid knowledge
  • your planned route including duration at sea and distance to next available port
  • size of your crew and any special needs.

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